EyeGenMD.com WebsiteSamaritan Biologics, a socially responsible regenerative medicine company based in Memphis, Tennessee, launched EyeGenMD.com.

EyeGenMD.com is the website to support the launch of Samaritan’s EyeGen Amniotic Membrane Allograft product offering. Samaritan’s grafts come in 8mm, 12mm, and 15mm discs sized appropriately for ocular use. Human Amniotic Membrane is a widely accepted treatment for a wide variety of ocular conditions.

The Samaritan grafts use a proprietary processing technique to optimize handling allowing doctors to accurately place the single layer grafts. These grafts are shipped in an earth and practice friendly slim cardboard sleeve to take up less storage and ultimately landfill space. An electronic graft registration portal replaces the decades old practice of completing graft tracking cards and mailing them further reducing our carbon footprint.

Kristin Senn of BioGentrix provided the first EyeGen graft in October and shared this feedback:
"I am honored to have provided the first EyeGen membranes to doctors in the South Carolina and Georgia market. My physicians feel this product is superior to others in the market because of the thickness, ease of use, and simple in office placement. I feel it is easy to be passionate about a product that provides such great results to patients. My doctors rave over the simple storage and patient satisfaction." -Kristin Senn, Medical Sales Representative

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